What Is The Ohio Amblyope Registry Program?

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is the first and only statewide program in the United States designed to serve the needs of children with amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, to their families and eye doctors. It is a voluntary registration program to increase knowledge about amblyopia, its treatment and prevention. The Ohio Amblyope Registry provides free eye patches for the treatment of amblyopia, free literature about amblyopia and causes, as well as other important services to help families of children with amblyopia. All services provided by the registry are free of charge and restricted to Ohio residents.

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is a partnership among Ohio’s eye care professionals and the leading Children’s Hospitals across the state of Ohio.

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is part of the Save Our Sight program that receives voluntary contributions from the check-off donation box on Ohio license plate renewal forms.

What is Save Our Sight?

The Save Our Sight Fund is administered by the Ohio Department of Health. The purpose of this program is to keep kids eyes healthy with prevention, screening, education and support. For more information visit Save Our Sight or Download the Save Our Sight brochure.

How are Ohio's children impacted?

  • Parents and caregivers can apply for free protective eye-wear for youth sports, school activities, and for preventing eye injuries. Visit the Superspecs for more information.
  • Professionals that work with children, can request free eye health and safety programs, for their schools or community organizations. Visit Realeyes for more information.
  • Screeners can receive free training and equipment for vision screening children. Visit Prevent Blindness Ohio for more information.

What Happens When I Sign Up My Child?

  • Free eye patches (limits apply)
  • Free educational information
  • Free compliance items to help with patching

Can I Get Financial Help To Pay For My Child's Eye Exams And Treatment?

If financial assistance is needed, first speak with your child's eye care provider about assistance. Next, you may contact your local Health Department about filling-out a combined (Medicaid/BCMH) application for financial assistance to cover your child's eye care needs.

Parents can seek financial assistance through the Combined Programs Application available from the local Department of Job and Family Services. Call 1-800-324-8680 (voice) or 1-800-292-3572 (TDD) for further information about the Combined Programs Application.