Why the Ohio Amblyope is Important to You and Your Patients

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is the first statewide registry in the United States for children with amblyopia and their families. The Ohio Amblyope Registry is designed to remind your patients to keep their appointments with you and to ensure that the patients follow through on your treatment regimen. If they move into your area of Ohio, the web site page “Find An Eye Doctor” will allow the parents to easily find you in that part of the state. The goal of the Ohio Amblyope Registry is to serve the needs of Ohio’s children with amblyopia, their families and their eye doctors.

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is funded through the Save Our Sight fund, which obtains voluntary donations through a dollar check-off box on Ohio license plate renewal forms. The Ohio Department of Health manages the Save Our Sight fund. All services provided by the Ohio Amblyope Registry are free of charge.

We would like your help and participation in making the Ohio Amblyope Registry a success. If your practice includes children and you would like to participate in the Ohio Amblyope Registry, please register to become a participating eye doctor and you’ll receive the following:

  • Free listing of your practice(s) on the web site, under Find “Find An Eye Doctor”
  • 20 Ohio Amblyope Registry Registration Forms

All that we ask is that you make the Ohio Amblyope Registry registration forms available to the parents of children with amblyopia.

Ohio Amblyope Registry Summary of Services

What parents or legal guardians in Ohio receive for free once the child with amblyopia is registered:

  1. Educational information
  2. Compliance items to help with patching
  3. If the child is being patched for amblyopia, they will receive free eye patches. The patches are decorated with girl and boy designs and these are special patches that cannot be bought from a regular store. The patches are reusable and not the typical tan eye patches bought from stores.
  4. If the child is being patched for amblyopia and wears glasses, they can also receive free cloth patches available upon request (limits apply) and with the approval of the child’s eye doctor.

If parents sign-up for Compliance Assistance, they will receive:

  • Periodic newsletters/email blasts from the Ohio Amblyope Registry, including articles about amblyopia, hints for effective patching, research reports and other useful information. The newsletters also contain information about the free patches program and information from the Ohio Department of Health.

If the parents need financial assistance:

Parents are asked to talk with their eye doctor about any financial assistance that might be available. Parents can also seek financial assistance through the Combined Programs Application available from the local Department of Job and Family Services. Call 1-800-324-8680 (voice) or 1-800-292-3572 (TDD) for further information about the Combined Programs Application.